Impact of sand fences on dune evolution at Vejbystrand

Ängelholm’s coast has eroded considerably in the past decade in part due to a period of frequent storms. As climate continues to change, parameters that increase erosion such as sea level rise and storm frequency will become exacerbated. Adaptation measures must be put into place in order to mitigate the impacts of coastal erosion. This study aims to test the viability of sand fences as an adaptation measure on Vejbystrand in Ängelholm municipality by considering sand volume change, development of backshore morphology, and vegetation presence. Two types of fences were put up in the south of Vejbystrand. This study tested for any difference in volume accumulation between fence types and found that there was no significant difference. Eight survey measurements over the course of two years were analysed and compared to an area with no fence. The rate of accumulation was shown to be significantly faster at all four fence sites than at a site with no fences. All of the fence sites have established an incipient dune and gained vegetation during the study period though no notable difference in species richness was found. The results show that sand fences are a viable adaptation measure for coastal erosion on Vejbystrand.